Over the last millions of years, the Earth has been alternating between long ice ages of 90,000 years and short interglacial warm periods of 10,000 years.

As human beings have developed, we have altered the composition of life on land and below water.  Scientists believe we’re causing global warming and delaying the next ice age.

Inspired by a new ice age with pristine air and clean seas, we’re bringing you an animal-free dairy product that is good for you and the environment.

Animal-free Dairy

We have partnered with Perfect Day, who have discovered a way to produce real dairy protein without the cow – and without any of the downsides. They use a type of microflora and a fermentation process that, together, they’re able to make lots of this pure animal-free dairy protein, called non-animal dairy protein isolate. 

We’re big fans of Perfect Day’s animal-free dairy protein because it offers the creamy, delicious taste and texture of dairy, without harming the planet.

Ice Age! is cool, for you and the Earth.

Enjoy without guilt!


回首過去的幾百萬年,地球氣候由 90,000年的長冰河期,10,000年的短冰河期及溫暖期相互交替而成。




我們深感榮幸能與Perfect Day 構建夥伴關係。Perfect Day 發現了一種不需母牛,且不構成任何問題的真正乳品生產方法,透過利用微生物及發酵過程,便可大量製絕不含無動物的乳蛋白,稱為「非動物乳蛋白分離物」。

我們是Perfect Day不含動物乳製品蛋白的忠實擁護者,因其可在不為地球帶來任何壓力的情況下,生產出柔軟幼滑、可口鮮美的乳製品。

Ice Age! 愛您愛地球