Product Info 產品資訊 

Animal-free dairy describes the protein in our product. The non-animal whey protein is identical to what’s in cow's milk but made without using a single animal in the process. Animal-free dairy is vegan (as are all the other ingredients we use in our products!). 


We’re big fans of this animal-free dairy protein because it ensures you get all the creamy, delicious taste and texture of ice cream, without animals, and less impact on the earth.


SCIENCE!  We use Perfect Day’s non-animal whey protein to make Ice Age! frozen dessert. Non-animal whey protein is the same whey you’d find in cow’s milk, except zero cows are involved. 

How?! The bovine whey protein gene (stay with us) was digitized in an open-source database (like an e-book!). Microflora are given the blueprint of the gene sequence and then fermented in a tank along with some plant sugars (it’s just like brewing beer!).

The result? A non-animal whey protein. We then use it to make Ice Age! animal-free DAIRY frozen dessert that’s just as creamy + dreamy as the real thing — and uses less land, water, and energy than dairy production. It’s planet-positive frozen dessert.

科學﹗我們使用Perfect Day的無動物性乳清蛋白製造Ice Age!冰凍甜點。無動物性乳清蛋白與牛奶中的乳清蛋白成份一樣,只是不來是牛隻。如何做到? 已數碼化的牛奶乳清蛋白基因,可在共源數據庫找到,透過微生物群釋出基因序列,配合植物糖,展開發酵過程,如釀啤酒般,製造出乳清蛋白。 然後,這種毋需牛隻的奶蛋白,就可用來製造Ice Age!無動物成分冰凍甜點了。美味可口依然,但我們較一般乳製品生產節省了土地、水、能源,讓我們更懂愛地球。

Ice Age! is vegan and contains milk proteins. It’s a paradox! We encourage ice cream eaters who have a milk protein allergy to use the same precautions with Ice Age! that they would take with dairy. (But, reminder - Ice Age! is gloriously lactose free!)

Ice Age!是純素兼含有奶蛋白的產品。如對奶蛋白敏感人士,也應與對待一般乳製品般同樣留心。不過, Ice Age!是不含乳糖的,有乳糖不耐症人士可放心進食。

Great question! The FDA requires a declaration of milk proteins as the non-animal whey protein is molecularly identical to dairy protein. However, the animal-free dairy protein is produced WITHOUT the use of animals, and with zero compromise on taste and nutrition.

按美國FDA要求,已申明無動物性乳清蛋白的分子,和一般牛奶蛋白一樣,故視為奶蛋白。 不一樣的僅是生產不需任何動物,但保留奶滑味道和蛋白營養。

Ice Age! does not contain GMOs. The Perfect Day non-animal whey protein we use to make our frozen dessert comes from microflora, which produce different kinds of protein naturally. The microflora is given the genetic instructions for creating whey protein and go through a fermentation process along with some plant sugars (just like brewing beer!). Afterwards, the modified microflora is filtered out, leaving only pure, non-animal whey protein. In other words, genetic engineering is part of the Perfect Day process (think of the microflora as mini protein factories), but no GMOs are present in the resulting non-animal whey protein we use to make our frozen dessert.

Ice Age!不含基因改造。 我們使用Perfect Day 無動物性乳清蛋白製造冰凍甜點,源自微生物群,可自然生產多種蛋白。 微生物群會作出基因指示,製造乳清蛋白,配合植物糖,然後進行如釀啤酒般的發酵過程。 其後, 會篩走微生物群,剩下非動物性的純乳清蛋白。因此,Perfect Day生產過程,涉及基因工程學, 微生物群就如製造蛋白的工廠兵團,但最後用來造冰凍甜點的乳清蛋白,絕不含基因改造。

Large-scale factory farming is terrible for the planet, not to mention the animals. Industrial dairy farming contributes A LOT of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, not to mention the resources needed to produce dairy (eg: it takes 144 gallons of water to produce ONE gallon of milk in the US). To meet the demand for delicious dairy, food companies often rely on factory farms to meet demand - but we think there's a better way: animal-free dairy has less impact on the planet. We use science + nature to make (delicious!) frozen dessert that uses less water, land, and energy (and zero animals). We’re currently working on a third-party review of our entire supply chain that will show the animal-free impact difference. We’ll also use that information to improve everything we possibly can about our operations and supply chain - because every piece of the puzzle matters.


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Allergens 過敏原

Ice Age! is lactose free! Lactose and whey are both present in cow’s milk, but the non-animal whey protein ingredient we use is produced through fermentation and is not derived from cow’s milk. 

Ice Age!產品不含乳糖。一般牛奶會有乳糖和乳清蛋白,但我們使用的無動物性乳清蛋白,不來自牛,經發酵科技製造,故不含乳糖。

Ice Age! is vegan, lactose-free, hormone-free and cruelty-free – but not dairy-free. The non-animal whey protein we use is molecularly identical to whey protein from cow’s milk, so we encourage ice cream eaters who have a milk protein allergy to take the same precautions they would take with dairy.

Ice Age!是純素的,零乳糖、零賀爾蒙、零殘忍,但含有乳蛋白。無動物性乳清蛋白,在分子上與牛奶中的乳清蛋白是一樣的,如對牛奶蛋白敏感的消費者,應與對待一般乳製品一樣,保持留心。

Ice Age! is not certified gluten free.  Our production facility does have allergen programs in place to prevent cross-contamination. 

 You can find additional information on our ingredients here .

Ice Age! 就此並未獲相關認證。我們的生產設施及流程設有周詳的過敏原計劃,以防止交叉污染。 您可以在這裡找到有關我們成分的詳細信息。

Purchasing Ice Age! products 購買Ice Age! 產品

Currently Ice Age! is only sold in Hong Kong.  You can buy Ice Age! in supermarkets and other partners stores / restaurants. Check out our Locations page for a list of all our partners.

目前,Ice Age! 僅在香港發售。您可以於各大超市及合作伙伴銷售點購買,詳情可參看本網「銷售點」資料 。

Please shoot us an email icecream@iceage.hk. We’d love to chat about partnership opportunities!